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Carmelite Communities and Ministries in Britain

Revised map being tested: The Google Map has been updated and can now be used but please note it is currently being tested. Apologies for any inconvenience. Communities can still be found by typing into your browser address bar " www.carmelite.org/ " and then inserting the community name, such as "www.carmelite.org/aylesford".
The Carmelite web team - 29 January 2014.

The map below shows where Carmelites - religious and lay - are in community and in ministry. To obtain details please click on a map pin; a white box then appears giving the name and address. Click on the blue name heading inside the white box to visit the specific webpage of that community or ministry. If you cannot see a particular pin it could be because there are several communities or ministries in the same area and one pin is obscuring another; either use the "In this section" menu on the right to filter results by specific groups (friars, sisters, etc.), or zoom in on the map using the + sign on the scale. Please note that blue map pins indicate the general postcode area, not necessarily the precise location of a community. The map only shows locations of communities and ministries of the Carmelite Order ('O.Carm.' or 'Ancient Observance'); for locations of communities of the Discalced Carmelite Order (other than Thicket Carmel) please visit the links section for the appropriate websites.