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Biographies & Obituaries

On this page can be found biographies and obituaries of deceased members of the Carmelite Family.

Baxter, Cyril (1926-2011)
Fr. Cyril Baxter joined the Carmelite Order in 1959 and served in a number of ministries, discerning a vocation to the priesthood some years after his profession of vows as a friar.

Berridge, John (1921-2002)
Brother John Berridge was a long-time and much-loved member of the friar community at Aylesford Priory.

Brennan, Alphonsus Hugh (1930-2014)
Fr. Alphie was born in Ireland and was one of the founding figures of the Carmelite Order's restored presence in Britain. He served as Prior Provincial of the then Anglo-Welsh Province from 1969 to 1975 and from 1981 to 1983, when he was elected to serve at the Order's Curia in Rome as Councillor General and Bursar General from 1983 to 1989.

Doyle, Conleth (1922-2016)
Fr. Conleth was born in Ireland and in the course of his Carmelite ministry he served in a number of communities, including Hazlewood Castle in Yorkshire, and Aylesford Priory in Kent..

FitzGerald, John (1927-2007)
Fr. John spent most of his Carmelite life in Wales, promoting Welsh language and culture and developing the Catholic community in Wales. He was a renowned poet and scholar.

Geary, Patrick (1908-92)
Fr. Pat Geary, O.Carm., was the first Commissary General of the Anglo-Welsh Commissariat in the twentieth century, and helped lay the foundations for the modern Carmelite Family in Britain.

Grant, Donald (1947-1997)
Fr. Donald Grant was a Scottish friar who worked as a Novice Master and respected retreat giver.

Johnston, Thomas (1963-2013)
Br. Tom Johnston was a friar with a great love of the sick and housebound. He was involved in pastoral care in Aylesford and Walworth, and served as Master of Ceremonies and in the sacristy teams in both communities.

Kelly, Joseph (1933-2016)
Fr. Joe Kelly was a friar from Scotland who served in many different ministries within the British Province, including as Prior of Aylesford.

Lynch, Elias (1897-1967)
Fr. Elias Lynch, O.Carm., was one of the major figures responsible for the restoration of the Carmelite presence in Britain in the early 20th century. A biography of him entitled Friar Beyond the Pale has been written by Wilfrid McGreal, O.Carm., an extract of which can be downloaded below.

O'Brien, Paul (1955-1999)
Fr. Paul was involved in various ministries. Fascinated by art and music, he composed a number of Carmelite hymns including Flower of Carmel.

Pegus, Teresa-Joseph (1931-2011)
Sister Teresa-Joseph Pegus, O.Carm., was regional superior of the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters in England. She was awarded the MBE for her services to Young Offenders, and the papal cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.

Pelan, Anthony (1940-2011)
Fr. Anthony (better known as Tony or Hugh) Pelan served in a wide variety of ministries in the British Province of Carmelites, including Catholic Chaplain at H.M. Prison Maidstone.

Sankey, Martin (1933-2004)
Fr. Martin joined the Carmelite Order after a career in the R.A.F. and served in a number of roles, including Provincial Delegate to the Carmelite Third Order.

Sewell, Brocard (1912-2000)
Fr. Brocard was one of the most colourful and controversial personalities within the British Province in recent times, and a noted literary figure. He was responsible for the development of Saint Albert's Press, and maintained correspondence with many of the leading literary figures of his day.

Waite, David (1946-2011)
Fr. David Waite served the British Province and the wider Carmelite Order in a variety of roles, most notably as a librarian and archivist.