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Carmelite Periodicals

Saint Albert's Press does not produce periodicals of its own, nor offer a subscription service (at present), but below we provide some information about various English-language Carmelite publications that are widely read in Britain.

Assumpta is a magazine produced by the Carmelite Third Order in Britain, providing articles on Carmelite spirituality as well as reporting on news and giving notice of forthcoming events. It is circulated every two months to members of the Carmelite Family in Britain and anyone interested in Carmelite spirituality and news. Each issue contains articles on Carmelite spirituality written at a popular level, some of which are followed by questions for individual reflection or for group sharing. Items of current news, of interest to members of the Carmelite Family, and notice of new Carmelite publications, are a regular feature.

The cost of receiving Assumpta is included in the annual contribution which Tertiaries in the British Province are encouraged to give to support the development of the Third Order. Non-members of the Third Order who would like to subscribe should contact the National Secretary of the Third Order:
Mrs. Veronica M. Errington
Brook Cottage, 30 New Street, Mawdesley, Lancashire, L40 2QP
Click here to e-mail Veronica.

The Editor of Assumpta is Mr. Nick Black. Click here to e-mail Nick.

To download sample editions of Assumpta in PDF format, please click on the links below:

Carmel in the World
Carmel in the World is a magazine for the Carmelite Family produced by Edizioni Carmelitane, the central publishing house of the Carmelite Order's Ancient Observance. Carmel in the World contains information about Carmel's approach to living the Gospel and some of the major figures in its 800 year history. The magazine focuses on Carmelite spirituality for laity. It includes articles about Mary, the spiritual life, as well as information on theological and pastoral topics. There is also a variety of articles on Carmelite saints and heroes. For further information please click here.

Mount Carmel
Mount Carmel is a quarterly review of the spiritual life produced by the Discalced (Teresian) Carmelites of the Anglo-Irish Province. It aims to help people in every aspect of their lives by sharing and exploring with them the rich sources of Carmelite teaching on prayer within the broad perspective of Christian spirituality and life experience. Subscriptions can be taken out by contacting the Carmelite Book Service at Boars Hill near Oxford. For further information please click here.

The Sword and Carmelite Review
The Sword is a substantial journal of Carmelite life produced for over 70 years by the Carmelites of the Pure Heart of Mary (PCM) Province in America. This journal remains a valuable resource for private reflection on, as well as discussion of, issues important to all Carmelites and those interested in Carmelite spirituality and history. It is a valuable resource for all Carmelites and those interested in learning more about the men and women and events who have been part of the story of Carmel. There are two issues each year: one is mailed in May and the other in late November.

At present subscriptions to The Sword must be paid in US dollars direct to the publishers in the United States, but it is hoped that in the autumn of 2011 Saint Albert's Press will be able to deal with subscriptions in the U.K. For further information please click here.

The PCM Province also publishes a colour magazine four-times a year, called Carmelite Review, which includes Carmelite news items. A print version can be subscribed to, and it can be read online at the Carmelite Review website.

Carmelite Digest
Carmelite Digest is a quarterly magazine published and sponsored by the California-Arizona Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars. It has become part of their ministry, and they invite readers to join them on a spiritual journey as they present written thoughts, ideas, prayers, news, and various articles - not only by contemporary writers within the United States and abroad, but also by those who have fulfilled this journey and continue to inspire us today. For further information please click here.