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The 550th anniversary of the Bull "Cum Nulla"

The papal bull 'Cum Nulla' is preserved in the State Archives in Florence.

On 16th May 2003 the Carmelite Family from England, Scotland and Wales gathered in York Minster for a celebration of the Eucharist to celebrate the 550th anniversary of the granting of a Papal Bull entitled Cum Nulla.

This letter from Pope Nicholas V formalised the way in which lay people belong to the Carmelite Order and, also, the beginning of the Carmelite nuns. Cum Nulla was part of the reform and renewal of Carmel initiated by the Prior General, Blessed John Soreth.

The memory of the celebration in York is shared via the following links:

» Account of the Mass and Symposium - York 16th May 2003
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» Article by Fr. Pat McMahon, O.Carm. on Cum Nulla and the Origin of the Nuns in the Family of Carmel

» Text of Cum Nulla

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The proceedings of the academic symposium held on 16th May 2003 will be published by Saint Albert's Press as part of the Carmel in Britain series of books (probably in 2014).