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Saints of the Order in their Writings

This icon written by the Carmelite nuns of Ravenna, now in York Carmelite Friary, shows saints of Carmel holding copies of their writings

Carmelite spirituality is focussed on Christ, and inspired in a particular way by the prophet Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary whom we regard as 'patrons' of our Order.

Over the centuries the Carmelite Family has been blessed with a large number of men and women of outstanding holiness. A significant number of these saints wrote about their relationship with God. Their writings have greatly formed the Order's spirituality, and - particularly in the case of the three Carmelite 'Doctors of the Church' - they have influenced the development of Christian thought.

Biographical information about the Order's holy men and women is available in the Carmelite Saints section of this website. A number of printed editions of Carmelite saints' writings are available from Saint Albert's Press in Faversham and the Carmelite Book Service in Oxford. The standard English editions of many Carmelite saints' writings are those printed by ICS Publications. Below are links to some online editions of texts written by Carmel's saints over the centuries (please note that these are mostly links to external sites; if links are broken please email the webmaster; other editions can often by found via a Google search).

A window depicting various Carmelite saints in a German church.