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Donate to our work

From the earliest days the Carmelite Order has been a mendicant order of begging brothers, trusting in the providence of God shown through the generosity of individuals and communities, to support our work.

We receive no state support and rely on the generosity of people like you to fund our ministries which help to build up God's Church, God's Kingdom, and which benefit some of the neediest people in society.

All of our friar communities remember our benefactors daily in our prayers.

One of the most important donations you can make to our ministry is the support of your prayers.

If you are able to support us financially, it is possible to donate in three ways:

May God, who is never o
utdone in generosity, bless you for your kindness.

We are very careful to make sure that your donations are used in a good and proper way. The British Province of Carmelites is a registered charity (Carmelite Charitable Trust - Reg. No. 1061342) and our accounts are submitted for scrutiny by independent auditors and the Charity Commission.

The group Charity Choice analyse charitable income and expenditure to help donors choose the most efficient charities to give to. In 2014 Charity Choice published a report that the UK's top 100 charities spend on average 78p in every pound on charitable activities with 21p spent on income generation and 1p on governance. We are proud that, as Charity Choice reports, in the year ending 2014 the Carmelite Charitable Trust spent 85.3p in every pound on charitable activities and 14.7p on governance and income generation, which is better than the average of the UK's top 100 charities.