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Useful Links

Below are links to friendly people in good places:

  • Anastasis
    On these pages you will find, in the main, translations of our Orthodox liturgical and patristic texts.
  • Romero Trust logo
    Archbishop Romero Trust
    The Trust promotes knowledge and awareness of the life and work of Archbishop Romero, encourages and organises prayer services and memorial liturgies annually on the anniversary of his death, and provides support to human rights and social justice initiatives in Latin America.
  • Interchurch Families
    Association of Interchurch Families
    The Association of Interchurch Families helps couples, where each of the partners belongs to a different Christian denomination.
  • Aylesford shrine statue
    Aylesford Priory - Kent
    Website of The Friars, Aylesford. First founded in 1242 as the second friary to be founded in Britain by the Carmelite Order. Suppressed at the Reformation in 1538 Aylesford was re-founded in 1949 and flourishes today
  • Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
    The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales is a permanent assembly of Catholic bishops in the two countries. It is an expression of the unity of the bishops. Through it they collectively proclaim the Gospel to the people of England and Wales.
  • Bishops' Conference of Scotland
    The Bishops' Conference of Scotland is the permanently constituted assembly of the Roman Catholic Bishops of Scotland. To promote its work the Conference establishes a General Secretariat and various agencies, each of which advises the Conference according to its own competence.
  • facebook01
    British Carmelites on Facebook
    The British Province of Carmelites has its own page on Facebook, the social networking website.
  • you tube
    British Carmelites on You Tube
    Various videos from the British Province on our You Tube site