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Useful Links

Below are links to friendly people in good places:

  • International Journal of Public Theology
    Public theology is the result of the growing need for theology to interact with public issues of contemporary society. It seeks to engage in dialogue with different academic disciplines such as politics, economics, cultural studies, religious studies, as well as with spirituality, globalization and society in general. The International Journal of Public Theology, affiliated with the Global Network for Public Theology, aims at becoming the platform for original interdisciplinary research in the field of public theology.
  • Irish Province of Carmelites
    The website of the Irish Province of Carmelites, with information on their communities of friars and Lay Carmelites
  • L'Arche logo
    L'Arche (UK)
    L'Arche is a family of 130 Communities in 30 countries all round the world. In L’Arche Communities people with learning disabilities and their Assistants live and work together. L’Arche means ‘The Ark’ in French. L'Arche has nine Communities in the UK. Another 2 are being planned. They are all ordinary houses and real homes. More than 100 people with learning disabilities live there. Another 100 Assistants live with them.
  • Lay Carmel 43
    Lay Carmel (Third Order) in Britain
    The Carmelite Third Order in Britain is a growing expression of our Order's life; this website is currently undergoing development.
  • facebook01
    Lay Carmel on Facebook
    The Carmelite Third Order in the British Province maintains a page on Facebook, the social networking website.
  • Liturgy Office of England & Wales
    The Liturgy Office of England & Wales is part of the Department for Christian Life & Worship of the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales.
  • Live Simply
    Live Simply
    Wish you could live more simply? Tired of a world of consumerism and hype? Then join the livesimply project and get ready for change!
  • Marriage Care
    Supporting Marriage, Relationships and Family Life