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Saints of Carmel

St. Nuno Alvarez Pereira - Friar

Nuno was born in 1360, and for many years persued a military career, becoming the champion of Portuguese independence. After the death of his wife he joined the Order in 1423 at the monastery of Lisbon which he had founded, and took the name of Nuno of Saint-Mary. There he lived until his death in 1431. He was noted for his prayer, his practise of penance and his filial devotion to the Mother of God. He was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI in April 2009, at which time his feast day was transferred from 1st April to 6th November.

Let us pray

Lord God,
you called Saint Nuno Alvarez Pereira
to put aside his sword and follow Christ
under the Patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
Through his prayers may we too deny ourselves,
and devote ourselves to you with all our hearts.
We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.